The Original Chewy Peps - Cinnamon - 5 oz bag

The Original Chewy Peps - Cinnamon - 5 oz bag
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April Shavers
Delightful treats

We have purchased the cinnamon a few times and also tried the other flavors. All are wonderful. Not too sweet. Just a perfect amount and the texture when chewing is wonderful. Cinnamon is our favorite.

Mike D
My wife is hooked

I ordered a 5oz bag of peppermint and cinnamon to try for the first time, now I’m buying the Big bag.Happy wife happy life😊

Tina Kendall
Just As I Remember Them!

Getting a hold of chew peps was always a treat but then years and years went by and I had forgotten about them. Somehow I learned of their return, and I had to buy them! They are just as I remember! Love the chew and melt of the candies. The peppermint and molasses flavors bring me back! So glad that they haven’t changed, and cinnamon is a fun flavor addition! These candies are unique and completely worth it if you love a good chew on your sweets. My sister ate her share in one sitting so beware! Don’t make the same mistake that I did and go for the bigger bag!


Not just me, my entire family, is obsessed with these. I used to buy Chewy Peps at Market Hall in Oakland, and then they disappeared. While hunting for peppermint holiday candy online they popped up again! Hallelujah! I bought two small bags. Two days later my family had devoured those and so I just bought two large bags. Chewy Peps are a happy treat. Satisfying. Delicious. Best of both worlds. And I've had one in my mouth the whole time I typed this review.

Kathleen Putnam
Delicious old-fashioned candy

Chewy Peps remind me of the candy I used to get as a kid at Emporium’s candy counter in San Francisco Union Square store. We went there every Christmas for the rides on the roof, tell Santa what I wanted and the candy counter. These candies start out hard and quickly become chewy and delicious, not too sweet, they’re just right.