A Succulent Delema!

Our Story

A note from the founder, Charlotte Albright. 

What Happened

My former company, Charlotte’s Confections, developed the original Chewy Peps. Over the years many people have tried to produce them, but after selling the company, production eventually stopped. They are difficult to manufacture. 

The Challenge

For years devoted Chewy Peps fans have been asking me to bring them back. It's such a viral favorite and loved product...how could I say no?!? 

It’s taken more than 12 years to assemble an amazing team and locate the specialized equipment needed to make the Chewy Peps. We are so excited to now make them with organic non-GMO ingredients!

A Dream Come True

After 2 years of fine tuning the recipe and production process, our first successful run of Peppermint & Cinnamon flavors was in July 2019. After many customer requests, we finally brought back the Molasses flavor in January 2020. 

We’ve been told that these are the best Chewy Peps ever made! Keep an eye out for our next big flavor in development…ginger!

 A Succulent Dilemma

We call Chewy Peps a "Succulent Dilemma" because Chewy Peps are hard candies that get soft and chewy right in your mouth. Such a delightful surprise...you have to try them to believe it!